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Joe O'Brien Story
On May 27th, 2007, my 16 year old son Joe was injured in a motocross race in Nevada.  He suffered a broken clavical and a fractured pelvis and was hospitalized.  What he considered to be the bad news was the fact that the orthopedic surgeon said he would not be able to ride his dirt bike again for three months---12 weeks---all summer long.

After stewing about this (and also in pain) for 3 weeks, Joe began taking 2 oz of Rapid Response in Orange juice twice a day. 
Three weeks later, he went back to the doctor for a check up with xrays.  The doctor, not knowing Joe had been taking Rapid Response, was amazed at Joe's quick recovery.  He shook his head and said that Joe was healing so quickly because of his "young age".  Then he gave permission for Joe to begin riding again -- a full 6 weeks sooner than he had initially said.
One wonders how quickly Joe would have healed had he not wasted 3 week stewing about it!
Jan Jagitsch
Reno, NV

Bryans find the formula for success in Tennis

By Rhiannon Potkey, rpotkey@VenturaCountyStar.com
February 7, 2006
Mike Bryan grabs the bottle from the refrigerator, untwists the cap and takes a swig of the liquid. He quickly reaches for a glass of water to mask the unpleasant aftertaste ? a small price to pay for what the elixir has done for the 27-year-old.
It was only a little more than a year ago when Mike Bryan was contemplating an early retirement, and wondering if his twin brother, Bob, would be better off finding another partner.  The twin Bryan brothers are known worldwide in the Tennis world for their performances.
His hips constantly ached and surgery was strongly considered.
But fellow tour member Jeff Salzenstein recommended Bryan try taking "Rapid Response" ? a formula touting its ability to stimulate the immune system and provide anti-inflammatory relief.
"It's been a miracle," said Bryan, who also eliminated wheat from his diet after being tested for food allergies. "Jeff sent along a bottle while we were on our bus tour last year going through Denver. He said to have an open mind and give this stuff a shot."
Bryan considers the dietary changes as key contributors in the recent string of success by the brothers. Eliminating pain has provided him with a more positive mind set, and translated into more positive results on the court.
The top-ranked Bryans have reached five consecutive Tennis Grand Slam finals, and captured their second straight Grand Slam title by winning the Australian Open two weeks ago.
The $168,065 prize money check pushed the career earnings for each brother to more than $3 million since making their pro debut in 1998.
The Aussie Tennis Open breakthrough opens the door for a possible calendar-year Grand Slam by the brothers. But they view that milestone as more of a dream scenario than an attainable goal??..But with Mike's renewed vigor and titles still to be won, the Bryans aren't ready to put down their rackets in favor of their instruments for good just yet.
"We have a lot of goals remaining that we want to accomplish," Mike said. "With my hips hanging in there, I think I have at least five more years in me to get it done."


By the way, I have some good news to share with you.  On  19 March
2009,  I did a new  MRI      - 5 years after my last one.   And guess
what?  All the improvements I've made with RR back in 2004-2005 (ie.
80%) have been permanent.  In 5 years there have been no new lesions or
MS activity or further demylenization. The brain has not deteriorated
and there is no evidence of shrinking.  And I am pretty mobile and all
the limbs have strength.  The neurologist tested all those functions
and was amazed at how well I was doing. Praise God.  Isn't that
wonderful?  I am very grateful to you for producing RR.   I hope I can
get some RR to my father soon.




Hello Sharone from Marisa 
5/30/2004 7:20:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)
Dear Sharone,

Thank you for your email.  My husband and I are doing fine.

As you know, at the beginning of November I had my worst attack of MS to date.  I was off work for 3 months and in bed 2 months of this time.  I've started seeing gradual and steady improvements from late January onwards when I received the Rapid Response T and Rapid Response M.   I went back to work on February and have not had a day off work since then. The sharp pain in my back, sacrum, and fingers is now gone.  I do sleep better and have more energy. I no longer have numbness.  Pins and needles in my eyes is very rare.  Sometimes I can feel the beginning of an attack (for example pins and needles in the eyes or pain in my hands - eg. 10 days ago, the last finger in my left hand began to ache).  However, in less than a week these symptoms are usually gone.  Previously, these pains would have
progressively got worst, and stay that way for months. Before November, I could not touch or bend the middle finger of my two hands.  I had that pain for about 3 months.  This time around, I did identify immediately the onset of the same symptoms on the last finger of my left hand.  However, within a week it was gone.  I am driving the car again, and needless to say, I got pregnant at the end of March.  The only thing that I still have is pins and needles in my arms (but only in some positions) when I go to sleep.  I have been taking 1 glass of RR (half of RR-T and half of RR-M).  We have finished 2 gallons and are half way through the last 2 gallons.

My husband has not had any more back aches.  He is very grateful.  His energy is better too.  When he gets a bad cold he now recovers more quickly.  My mother in law reported last week that the gout pain her husband had on his feet is now gone.  This is an excellent, excellent result.  The man used to be crying in bed with this pain.  Whereas my mother in law used to have a lot of back pain and didn't do much around the house. Every time we rang home, she would spend the first 5 minutes of the conversation complaining about her head and back.  Whereas now, she says she can't believe how much work she is doing - I mean she spends a couple of hours digging in the garden, then cooking and cleaning the house, moving fire wood, etc.   Whereas before she was mostly lying around complaining about earaches and pains.  They only take a measuring cup a day.  My husband is very pleased with the results.

Well, that is all the news I have.  Since I am here, I may just as well order another 4 gallons since we are half way through the last one. Accordingly, could you please send me:    2 gallons of RR-T and    2 gallons of RR-M and Please let me know if you need further information from me.  Thanks once again for all your help and interest.



New orders for Italy by Marisa 
6/22/2004 11:28:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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Hi Sharone,

How are you?  Before putting the order, I'll let you know the latest news. My mother is keen to have some more, especially during the summer period as it is easier to consume than in winter (drinking something cold from the fridge when the house is already 5 degrees is not as inviting as a hot cuppa).

My in-laws have excellent news.  My father-in-law no longer has gout pain (this was a regular pain in his life before).  In addition, he always had a bad heart.  2 weeks ago he did his yearly heart check up and the specialist found his heart  significantly improved.  My in laws are now converts and are taking RR enthusiastically (They say:  now we know it is not just in our head!).

The order details are as follows: 1st Order for my mother: 2 gallons of RR-T to be mailed to: Natalia Cavalieri and 2nd Order 2 for my in-laws: 2 gallons of RR-T to be mailed to: Maria Miglionico

Thanks a lot Sharone

Regards, Marisa
My name is Marisa and I live in Sydney, Australia.  Recently I have been
diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and a friend put me in contact with Vic
Davidson who bought your product initially to give to horses, but when he
himself was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, took it and got completely
healed of the symptoms and also of the plaques in the brain.

I have been purchasing the product from him (4 bottles of 1 litre so far) .
However, MS does run in my family.  To my great distress, my relatives
 also have been diagnosed.  
Do you have a representative in Italy?  If not, would it be possible for
someone in my family to become a representative in Italy?

I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.   Wishing you all a
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Marisa Cavalieri
Dec. 23, 03
 Rapid Response
4/16/2004 3:49:47 PM Pacific Standard Time
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 From Eunice Cira
 I HAVEN'T WALKED WITH A CANE SINCE NOVEMBER!!!   This is BIG!  I don't feel or look handicapped without my cane. 
I was diagnosed with MS on March 17, 1998. This after having a CAT scan, 3 1/2 hr. MRI, spinal tap & numerous optical tests.  I had developed numbness & tingling in both hands & lost all feeling from the waist down.  Initially, I lost total vision in my right eye.  After about 2 months, the vision returned but was left with vertical double (& sometimes triple vision) for approx 6 months.  I wore an eye patch over my right eye to help maintain single vision.  I had slurred speech, extreme weakness & fatigue, lost taste for about 6 months, lost coordination.  My eyes told me to walk straight, but my brain was telling me otherwise. 
Symptoms prior to starting Rapid Response in November 2003:  Slurring of words. Difficulty standing & moving from a resting position for any length of time e.g. restaurant, sofa, bed etc.  I had to stand & collect myself prior to moving forward always using a cane & my husband's arm (when available.)  My field of vision, prior to Rapid Response, was narrow.  Since November while taking Rapid Response H,  my field of vision has roadened.  Now  I've noticed (as has my husband & friends) that I seem to have more energy, my sense of humor is more keen and, this is the best, 
I'm so grateful for finding Rapid Response.  Just having freedom from using a cane & better vision is totally worth it's cost.  Thank you!
Eunice Cira
Thank you for getting our latest order out so quickly. I know you were very busy making
a new batch of Rapid Response and we appreciate your dedication to customer service. I thought I would also update you on our progress with our two horses.
We originally purchased the Rapid Response for our 5 year gelding Fortunes Big Boy. He is a barrel horse who ran the futurity circuit last year. He did very well finishing 11th in BFA points with earnings of about $35K. He was 4 at that time and many of the horses that finished ahead of him in money and points were 5 year olds. When we started him out  this year he was having a hard time bending and flexing to the left. It got to the point where he would refuse to lope or trot to the left. We finally discovered a hard muscle knot in the left side of his chest about the size of a fist. This was about the same time we started him the Rapid Response. We added 6 oz per day to his feed and massaged about 2 oz a day around the area were the knot was. After five days the knot was reduced to about 25% of its original size and he started to trot and lope to the left again. We reduced his oral intake to 4 oz per day and after consultation with you started mixing the Rapid Response with DMSO and applying to the area where the knot was. After three days of applying the RR & DMSO the knot was completely gone. Since then we have continued to add 3 oz per day to his feed.
In an effort to help from having any other sore muscles we began adding the UN TY ME as well. We saw an immediate change for the better. Not only was he moving better but his entire attitude got better. He had always been a nervous horse in the past. Since we put him on the UN TY ME he has steadily become more and more calm. Things that would have spooked him or got him prancing in the past no longer bother him. He still gets up to run the barrels but we seem to be getting more out of him because he is paying attention to what he is doing. We will be starting to show him again soon and will let you know how he does.
Once we saw how good the Rapid response worked for Fortune we began using it on one of our other horses. His name is Free De Coup. He is an all black gelding who had a bone chip removed from his shoulder. He heeled fine from the chip surgery but bad shoeing and the fever caused from the infection he had before surgery resulted in chronic lameness in both front feet. When we brought him home from the trainer, after the surgery, he could not walk more than three strides without stopping. The first six months were heart breaking. We lost count of abscesses after 20 in both feet. When we started him on the Rapid Response he was getting 4 grams of bute a day and he was still slightly lame at a walk. At your suggestion we began feeding 6 oz per day orally along with a scoop of MSM at each feeding and 10 Isoxoprene per day. After 30 days we were able to reduce his bute down to 1 gram per day with a slight limp at the walk. After looking at the website again I decided to try the Total Effort as it was suggested for good hoof growth. After 30 days of the adding the total effort we were able to eliminate the bute with a slight limp at the walk. We started him on the UN TY ME about the same time as our other horse. He has continued to improve and is now walking and loping without any sign of lameness. We are riding him lightly three times a week and he is enjoying life again. He hated being in his stall all of the time and loves to get out and work. We know it will take some more time for him to completely heal but he has come a long way from where he was. We feel we have the Amerdon products to thank for all of the progress he has made over the last 3 months. With out them I do not think we would have ever gotten off the 4 grams per day of bute.
We cannot thank you enough for your help in making our horses healthier and happier. We would strongly recommend the use of any of your products not only in horses with health issues but as a preventative measure as well. Please feel free to have anyone who has any questions about your products to contact us. We would be very happy to share our experience with anyone considering using any of Amerdons products.
Thank You again and we will keep you posted on our progress.
Kip & Leah Roberts
Indianapolis, Indiana
I wanted to drop you a line to tell you about the results my wife and I have had with using rapid response for ourselves.
I started taking Rapid Response when we ordered it for the horses. At that time I had a lot of back and neck pain primarily due to stress. It was something I had learned to live with and thought I would never be without. Within the first week of taking Rapid Response the pain was diminished significantly and it was gone by the second week. By the third week I found I was smoking significantly less. It was more out of habit than craving the nicotine. It has helped me go from two packs a day of down to about a half a pack a day. My breathing is a lot easier and I can be as active as I want to be with out getting as tired as I did.
After the first month I convinced my wife to try the Rapid Response. She had surgery on her jaw treating the disks on both sides about 15 years ago. Since then she has been a good indicator of changing weather as the muscles in her jaw would begin to throb and eventually result in terrible migraine headaches. Doctors have prescribed muscle relaxants and pain killers for when this occurs. When a really bad headache sets in it would take three Vicoprofen to kill it. This would occur two to three times a week. After starting on the Rapid Response she has taken one Vicoprofen after about a week. Since then she has been headache free. That was about three months ago. My wife considers this to be a miracle as she has not gone this long without a headache in 15 years.
I have discussed the wonderful results we have had with this product on the horses and wanted to let you know how well it was working for us as well. We would strongly recommend the product for anyone who is looking to improve the way they feel.
Kip & Leah Roberts
Indianapolis, Indiana
November 10, 2004
Dear Sharone,
As you know I began taking Rapid Response H in late September for my severe arthritis as suggested by my sister who was taking Rapid Response H for her condition which is similar to Lou Gherigs disease. I was running low on it and instead of taking 2 ounces twice a day I cut back to 2 ounces only once a day and then I realized that I have not had to take Zantac for by “acid reflux”   while I was on 2 ounces twice a day so now I now it also prevents acid reflux as well as it helps my arthritis and the pain associated with it. I did notice that I still maintained an increased energy level on only 2 ounces a day though.
Belle Roemer
“I first used Rapid Response when my 3 month old puppy shattered his femur. The Veterinary surgeon said it would take 8 weeks for the leg to heal after surgery, and was concerned that since his bones were so soft, he’d re-injure himself. When I took our puppy back for his suture removal, almost two weeks later, x-rays were taken to see how things were progressing. The x-rays revealed that the bone was healed and that there was only some mild swelling in the surrounding tissue. I continued to keep our puppy on the Rapid Response for the next three weeks when the vet pronounced him 100% healed. He was amazed at how quickly and strongly he healed.
I have also used Rapid Response to treat my injured knee when I tore my ligaments and cartilage from a riding accident. It reduced the swelling and pain immediately and since then I have regained flexibility and stability without surgery. I had my daughter use Rapid Response on her ankle after she sprained it in gym class. Again, it reduced the swelling and pain in my daughter’s ankle, and after a few days she was back in class again – feeling fine. I have found that the product, when topically applied to blemishes, cuts and scrapes, reduces redness and inflammation allowing the sores to heal very quickly.”  Marian Maskiewicz, Littleton, Colorado 

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From: Cool Critters
Sent: Sun, Dec 27, 20092:52 pm
Subject: update

Hi Sharone,
    Ileana Nadal here. I called you after Thanksgiving because of a severe muscle tear in my leg, which happened 2 weeks before I was to go to AKC Agility Invitational in Long Beach, CA. I want you to know that I did everything you told me to do, and was able to run my dogs at the Invitational. What really helped my leg was actually wrapping the affected area with a puppy pad soaked in RR and applying a heating pad like you told me to do. I did this every night before I was to leave.
    The injury is 4 weeks today. The leg feels really good , but I'm still wrapping it with an ace bandage of course. The other leg and hip are sore from compensating (sigh), but I am definitely on the mend.
Thank you for your help and for such a wonderful product!
Ileana Nadal
Cool Critters in Florida
From: cira24@cox.net
Tuesday, December 29, 20094:15 PM
Subject: Rapid Response
Hi Jill!
I'm glad you emailed. YES! I had fabulous leg results from Rapid Response. Because I was on it, both my Neurologist & Orthopaedic Surgeon saw my results. They've recommended to patients...only as suggestion/alternative.
I was diagnosed in '98 with relapsing, persistent MS. This means my hands are always & will ever be numb, tingling & in pain (fibromyalgia). Not all results will be the same with RR. And, NO! I haven't taken RR for several years because it did what it needed to do. After taking RR for 2 years, I was able to relinquish my cane. I only take it when traveling or perhaps unsure of a new area, just for security reasons.
All I can say is this...you're Mom's got nothing to lose & perhaps much to gain. Give RR a try. I felt leg changes after about 4 bottles, but continued with RRuntil I felt secure enuf to stop taking it. Hope this helps. My prayers are with you & also with your Mom. I know. It's tough.